With the passage of GST Act , the Book Keeping & Accounting constraints on small and medium sized establishments (SME’s) have increased manifold. Trained resources are hard to come by and harder to retain. The nitty-gritty of running accounting department can distract entrepreneurs from bigger picture of  acquiring customers and growing revenues.

In such a uncertain scenario, MindWorks Data Services stands out like a knight in shining armour for entrepreneurs in the MSME segment. With us you can focus on growing your business faster; much faster. We do this by helping you control expenses, minimize risk exposure and maximize your opportunities for revenue generation.

How MindWorks Virtual Accounting Service Works?

By hiring  our virtually integrated, plug-and-play accounting resource you conserve precious seed capital for exploiting business growth opportunities. You can better manage financial, regulatory and compliance risk with our virtual financial services rather than on  establishing an extensive Accounting department until your business acquires a critical mass.

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For Running a start-up, you need to plan and act on being statutorily compliant
  • Business licenses – Central & State
  • Goods & Services Tax (GST) services
  • State & Municipal Bylaws and Filings
  • Income Tax,
  • TDS
  • PF,
  • ESI
  • Tax Planning
  • Payroll
  • Book Keeping

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