Fee for Income Tax Filing


Select your category
Salaried / Pension
Individual with one form16
Professional with
Income from other sources

Business Assessee
I am a non-individual assessee
(HUF, AOP, BOI, Company, Firms, Charities etc.)
I have income from business or profession Y
I was non-resident or not ordinarily resident in India Y
I earned foreign income Y
I have sold any property or shares or any other capital asset (not declared in Form16 Y Y
I have income from any other source
e.g family pension and not declared in Form 16 (excluding interest and dividend income)
I have rental income from house property (not declared in Form16) Y Y
I have more than 1 Form 16 Y Y
I have Salary/Pension income with 1 Form 16 and no additional details to declare outside Form 16 Y
I have Salary/Pension income with 1 Form 16 
but additional
 deductions (investments/savings etc.) and/or interest or dividend income to declare outside Form 16
I have only interest or dividend income and deductions (investments etc.) Y

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