Network/ Security Appliances/ Servers/ DB Services:

Helping hands on Setup/Configurations/Trouble shooting devices, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, NMS, IPS/IDS, Check point. IP5, Servers, AD/DC, Exchanges, DBs, etc.,

Network Security & Information Security:

As security threats have become more and more sophisticated with the advancement in internet technologies, introduction of new devices and media, the traditional Defense of Layer 3 Firewalls, Core router / switch IP access lists etc is not enough to handle the today’s security threats. Though organizations have applied many solutions beyond traditional security but issues like Zero day attacks still make our organization vulnerable to threats. With the introduction of new technologies & services like Cloud & BYOD and Targeted advanced persistent threats (APTs) etc the exposure to information of an organization is increasing day by day.

Our Experience on data security & integrity, expertise in the field of encryption using File System Filter Driver, Hardware Encryption and Cryptography. Specialized in multi layer Security Zones at Core Edge layer, Network layer, Access layer, Server level, Application level, App. Access level, DB Storage, DB Access level Secured zones.

Expertise Services & Security Specialists:

* Operating systems (Windows, Unix, Linux) and Subsystems (IIS etc)

* Databases (MS SQL, My SQL & Oracle)

* Network Devices (Routers, Switches)

* Security Devices (Firewalls, IPS, Proxy, Antivirus, IP5 etc)


Experience on handling of various Antivirus and anti spamming product.